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Alright, Pokemon branding! Fuck.

RED & GREEN: While the final material bears the Aka/Midori/Ao kanji, the games themselves and the prerelease material for Aka and Midori just say "Red Version"/"Green Version"/"Blue Version"; all the English localization really did was replace the original logo with the new "Western Pokemon" logo, match the Red and Green Pokemon to the Blue code, and replace the Japanese script with an English one. So, "Pocket Monsters <X> Version". If someone wants to toss in a "(Pokémon)" beside that, go for it.

GOLD & SILVER: This one's a bit obscure and I'm not sure how I want to handle it. Unlike the first games, you normally can't find anything but the Kin and Gin kanji anywhere. However, playing the games with the Super Game Boy does produce a "POCKET MONSTERS GOLD/SILVER VERSION", which likely carries over to Pocket Monsters' Stadium Kin Gin. While that probably destroys my "no hidden translations" rule, so does upholding hidden romanizations... (cough touhou hu[ma/jin]roku cough) argh, I hate 10 different standards fighting over each other. And yes, I know Nintendo and Game Freak prefer to just call them Gold/Silver and GS in general, but it's not my fault or anyone else's that they named them the way they did (they should have done what they did with the previous games, or... not use kanji to begin with...).

RUBY & SAPPHIRE (and onwards): Here, they changed the branding, and have continued to use this branding since. The logo bears the "Pocket Monsters" katakana, but "Pokémon" is clearly written under it, and as you can see with the various albums they stick with it as well. Basically Pocket Monsters got relegated to a katakana-only thing. Further, the localizations always stick an extra "Version" at the end where the originals do not (so "Pokémon Emerald" becomes "Pokémon Emerald Version"). This is my argument against using "Pocket Monsters" for pretty much anything beyond the Kin and Gin era, but there are a few questions here and there that I can't answer yet...

Aside from that, I would recommend against trying to include every game that a newer game might feature music from, with few exceptions: HG/SS clearly features some music from the original, for example (if it sounds different, I don't know/forgot). Also, Emerald and Platinum (and Crystal?) are not on any of these soundtracks afaik; they have never gotten soundtrack releases (not that they had much), and probably won't for a long time.

edit: Ah, I forgot that X and Y are changing the branding slightly. New Japanese logo, localizations no longer have "Version"... the name should be the same across all regions for these version! Great, now I just gotta explain this entire post to Wikipedia and Bulbapedia.

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