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Final Fight 2 credits = Capcom Logo, Round 2 (France) aka "Fret Street Beat-Beat", Round 5a (Italy) aka "Sleep Junk Down"

Source = my correspondence with Yasuaki Fujita

(I played him the Final Fight 2 soundtrack)
  • I composed track 1, 9 and 12. I'm sorry that I can't recall almost all of the others. But I remember clearly that track 19(*) is written by Tatsuya Nishimura. He provided all the sound effects and the data of musical instruments. I think he wrote the track to check the quality of the musical instruments.
(I also asked if he knew who composed the famous Capcom logo jingle during the SNES era)
  • As was mentioned above, CAPCOM logo in SFC era is my work.
* Track 19 refers to an unused track found in the sound test (Music 10 aka "Elevatorboy the 3rd").
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