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Originally Posted by Can of Nothing View Post
Roland JV-2080 has a very similar sound, and Koji Kondo does own one
I wonder where this information came from? If it's from the comment on the 1Up interview, I'd say it's wrong. It looks more like a Roland JD-990 (aka Super JD) than a JV-2080 (compare the buttons between them).

Speaking of which, I made a list of most of his gear, based on the pictures from the 1Up interview:

Roland XV-5080
Roland SC-8850
Roland VP-9000
E-mu Proteus (3 out of 4 total versions made, not sure which those are in the photos)
Roland Super JD-990
Korg 01R/W (module)
E-mu Morpheus
Novation Supernova II (module)
Studio Electronics SE-1
AKAI S3200

Does anyone recognize the keyboards in the photos?


Originally Posted by Nisto View Post
Final Fantasy X
  • "WARNING" from "Spectrasonics: Distorted Reality 2" was used in 4.07 "彷徨の炎"

I'm shocked how well Hamauzu sliced and utilized that sample... Actually, I'm not even sure where the hell it plays, but I know it's in there (I've extracted all of the samples from the in-game track). If anyone figures it out, I'd love to know. I doubt it's the "main" ambience, because there are about 5 ambient samples in the track - and they're all fairly similar.
Turns out that was used for the ambience at about 0:13 (among other places). I found out by replacing the sample in the PSF for the track with something more obvious. Again, I'm amazed how well he put it to use, I seriously cannot reproduce it.

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