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I am still looking for the Yoko Shimomura-composed vocal single:「荊の道」
Short sample available here:

This song may appear in a (rare) future album or may be available (or already is available) as an official free download or paid download. If you know where I can find the full song, please post in this thread or PM me. Even if you are reading this 5 or 10 years from now, let me know.

Back in 2011, the full song was available, for a short period, as a promotional free download or to be more precise, stream (and therefore download, same thing). If you somehow still have a copy of this, let me know.
Japanese Internet users commenting on the news of the promotional free download:

The song appearing on an album is not an impossible event. There is a precedent: M2.18 Yoko Shimomura [~R:MIX Stage from "MAOU TENSYOU": Main Theme / ~R:MIX舞台 「魔王転生 MAOUTENSYOU」より メインテーマ~]
This album contains a rare Shimomura song from the same relatively unknown Japanese-exclusive source (i.e. MAOUTENSYOU from the R:MIX organisation).

Bounty: I will pay you $5USD to your PayPal account if you can find this music file (proper full version, preferably the untouched original .swf) and send it to me, provided that at the time of the song-transferal, the song was not available on any album or any official paid download link. In general, this means the file is from your hard drive or someone else's. Furthermore, the $5 bounty also applies if you can lead me to, if for some reason I somehow missed/overlooked it, an official free download (has the author's i.e. Shimomura's, or those whom it may concern's permission), provided that this free download was available prior to the 19th of February, 2014. "Mere" information leading to the album (past or future), official paid download (past or future), or official free download (future) would of course be appreciated, I just can't pay ya.

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