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Disc 1
01 Nayuta No Hoshi No Monogatari - Opening Size-/Kanako Kotera (xu071)
02 The Island Left Behind (XS087)
03 Aulbath the Master Swordsman (XP230)
04 Tower of Ruins (XS099a)
05 One Summer Day (XP301)
06 Overflowing Feelings (xu073)
07 Lost Heaven (XS098a)
08 Creha (XS093)
09 To the Undiscovered World (XP258)
10 Get Back the Power of "Arts"! (XO064)
11 Stage Clear (xu069)
12 The Edifice of Knowledge (XP298)
13 Temple of the Continent (XP274a)
14 Sword of Nayuta (XP300)
15 Emerging Suspicions (XS006)
16 Astrolabe (XO077)
17 Peaceful Daily Life (XS140)
18 Dazzling Sunlight (XP291)
19 The Water Cave of the Abyss (XP265)
20 Nayuta, Don't Give Up (XS144a)
21 Hell Disease (XS077)
22 Illusions On Ice (XR027)
23 Snowbound Sacred Mountain (XS134)
24 Canyon of Harvest (XR072)
25 Gentle Lullaby -Creha- (XS141_a_P)
26 Temporary Rest (XS078)
27 Scorching Fault (XP209)
28 A Surge of Impatience (XS139)
29 Indelible Feeling (XS033)
30 The Golden World (Terra) XS085)
31 Clear and Mild Reef (XR095)
32 The Central Tower - Heliograd (XS090P)
33 Zext's Threat (XP295)

Disc 2
01 Sky of Truth (XP305)
02 The Planetary Metropolis - Lexandria (XS126)
03 Forgotten City (XS128)
04 Ordeal of Administrator (XP302)
05 Memory of the Planet (XS094)
06 The Deepest Area - Stellarium (XS142)
07 The Place Where The Planet Is (XS081改)
08 Win Back Your Heart (xu074)
09 The Time of Re-Creation (xu075)
10 Nihilistic Icon (XS147)
11 Mission of the Mythus (XS133)
12 Far-Off Promise (XP297)
13 Rime On Trees of Silver (XR023)
14 Twilight of the Dragon River (XR026)
15 The Foot of a Mountain of the Lightning (XR031)
16 Desolate Ground (XS130)
17 Paean of Crimson (XR087)
18 Large Cave of Frenzy (XO004)
19 Toward a Mountain Top (XP269)
20 White Ash Ordeal (XO005)
21 Alone Battle (XP293)
22 For My Precious Friend (XS135)
23 Shrouded In Morning Sun (XS098)
24 Nayuta No Omoi/Kanako Kotera (sabaku)
25 Beyond the Everlasting Time (XP260a)
26 Nayuta No Hoshi No Monogatari/Kanako Kotera (xu071)
27 The Door to Adventure (?) (Only used in a demo trailer)

XP = Hayato Sonoda
xu = Takahiro Unisuga
XS = Saki Momiyama
XR = Ryo Takeshita
XO = Masanori Osaki

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