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Originally Posted by Don View Post
According to the advertisement, this will feature both the original music as well as remastered music for all three games. At least, that's what i gather from the online translation services:

Originally Posted by ritsukai View Post
The 1st disc has the master version of the soundtracks, the original stage BGM from DDP Saturn's port and the voice collection. The 2nd includes the arcade version of the soundtracks (DP/DDP - mono stream, DDP2 - PCM)

So it's not a remaster, but master - kinda like Sonic original Nakamura tapes?

If so, are the "master" tracks in SRIN-1107 the same as the "original version" tracks in PCCB-00184 (1995)?

Considering also these releases:

SGCD-0002 (1998)

SCDC-00126 (2001)

Is SRIN-1107 the first time "master" tracks for DDP are published on cd?

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