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People who Yosuke Okunari attributes for "music" for each game, along with other example works he lists for some of them:
  • Hot Rod: Hiro (Out Run, Fantasy Zone), N.Y (arcade Super Monaco GP)
  • Scramble Spirits: Y.K (arcade Shinobi, E-SWAT), Master a.k.a. Tohru Nakabayashi (Dunk Shot, Altered Beast)
  • Gain Ground: Dolphin a.k.a. Y.T (Golden Axe, Genesis E-SWAT), Funky K.H. a.k.a. Katsuhiro Hayashi
  • Crack Down: Y.K
  • Super Masters: Tohru Nakabayashi
  • Rough Racer: M.A, N.Y
  • Bonanza Bros.: music by M.A, sound effects by Mickey a.k.a. Koichi Namiki (Thunder Blade)
  • Dynamic C.C.: M.A

No idea who N.Y and M.A are. Since Okunari says M.A did Bonanza Bros.'s music, it seems they're Bluetz Lee, not Koichi Namiki as we have linked on other albums.

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