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札幌電脳兵器 (Sapporo Dennou Heiki AKA SDH AKA Sapporo Cyber Weapon) is or was a game music/doujin arranger. As you might see from the name, it looks very similar to 埼玉最終兵器. They both have weapon on the end, and a city name in the beginning (Sapporo and Saitama respectively). My memory is very hazy but I do recall visiting his (SDH's) website at one point more than 10 years ago during my doujin music/Guilty Gear binge, and downloading some of his .mp3s (I remember downloading "Meet Again" from Guilty Gear at least).

Apparently his website has been active since 2001 (good ol' pre-mainstream Internet websites) and earlier this year (2016), when I visited it for the first time since 10+ years ago, it was still online. I say "was" because the site finally went offline a few weeks ago. What remains of the website can be found here:

As you can see, some of the files can still be downloaded. Others are 404 - even when the website was online, the links were broken regardless. The important items of note are on the bottom, under the 「師匠のアレンジ」 heading (Arrange of Teachers). "The Cold Shade of Night" is a song of unknown origin (so far) and composed by a "Loki" and a "神乃" and this particular version is obviously arranged by SDH. It is also a song that S.S.H. has arranged. "Neon Night", arranged by SDH, appears to be an S.S.H. composition. If you check my Missing List, you'll see it's on there so it's pretty rare since, well, I don't have it. Neither of these files can be downloaded (regardless of online status of the website in general) but thanks to user josejl1987, he/she has held onto those files for who knows how long and shared it with me (earlier this year). It's the reason I went back to this SDH's website in the first place.

I have uploaded "Neon Night" here:

The music file came with a .txt file/liner notes as shown below:

================================================== ============================
タイトル  Neon Night
作曲者   埼玉最終兵器氏
打ち込み 札幌電脳兵器
作成音源 MU1000+DR150
================================================== ============================





メールアドレス 札幌電脳兵器:
ホームページ 札幌電脳室 :
================================================== ============================

The main question I am seeking an answer for is: does S.S.H. have any direct involvement in this song?
If not, then another "Neon Night" music file must exist elsewhere. i.e. The source that makes SDH's version possible.
If you, dear reader, happen to have it, then please contact me.

So SDH obviously has positive views on "Saitama Saisyu Heiki Ani Dono" (for those of you who are interested in suffixes). Also, according to S.S.H., this song ("Neon Night") has a(n) "Yngwie/Falcom" feel. No surprise those two items are grouped together. By the way, it is Yngwie as in Yngwie Malmsteen.
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