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Ok, so here's the final and only truth about this "album".

I personally found Atsuhisa Hiruyami's email, and i asked a friend to email him with a few questions..

Here's a copy paste of the whole mail log:
(this is his answer)

Hi, thanks for contacting me

Let`s go through each question:

1) Q: You mean THE Nobuo Uematsu, the huge Final Fantasy game's composer ?
A: How many Nobuo Uematsu`s do you know... haha, YES, "him"!

2) Q: Could you tell more about your collaboration and your
compositions with Nobuo ?
A: Actually, that "little album" is the only collaboration I had with
him. I learned some
composition skills with him too.

3) Q: Did you meet him ?
A: Yes, in a way. I went to a local music studio, can`t remember now,
that was like 10
years ago and I saw him, I was like: OMG, is that HIM??? Then, I said
I was a huge fan
and that I compose music myself, however I am not even close to be
good as him. So,
he somewhat agreed that we worked on a private little album.

4) Q: How did you work with him?
A: It was based in that music studio I mentioned above. He wanted to
compose 8 pieces
of music, where I just provided additional music, since he actually
wrote all 8 pieces.
We worked on 2 synthesizers and one real piano and that`s about it.

5) Q: Could you tell me more about the 8 tracks with him?
A: Hmm, well, he wrote all 8 first, then asked me to "add" or "modify"
some elements
from them. At first, I liked how they were and they didn`t need much
change. However,
since he wanted to see what I can do, I worked on some tracks, like
"Calm before the
Storm`" where I added the piano part, while tracks like "Battle of
Fate", I just added a little
bit of action in there. It`s nothing complex.

6) Q: Did you release a CD with these titles ?
A: No, as far as I am concerned, NOTHING was released for this, it was just
a private album that was recorded (I don`t know how or by who), but I
don`t think
it was released as a public thing. I was the only one to have a copy,
maybe Nobuo too.

7) Q: Was it published ?
A: It was composed in 1999 and never published, it just was under a
private record label,
nothing more.

8) Q: Can we buy it ?
A: That would be nice, but I think they didn`t release it, so it`s
impossible to buy it.

NOTE: I saw a few days ago a strange case on Internet, regarding this album.
Here is how to solve it:
It seems, there are 3 problems to this album. First, how was it
published on the Internet?
To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I gave my copy to a fan of
Nobuo, and perhaps
he released it??? Not sure. Then, it seems the info says that the
publisher is "Music From
Japan Festival 2000", this is not true, I am not affiliated with them
and I would have known
if they did release, besides they are not the ones who recorded it. By
the way, the album
was published on VGMdb, however, it has NOTHING to do with Video Games...
Finally, it seems the album was recorded under different bitrates and
seems fake? Well,
first, it`s not fake. The reason why it has different bitrates and an
ugly photoshop album art,
which doesn`t even exist, is beyond me... perhaps that same person
released it that way
to confuse people... no idea, really! I hope this answers lot of
questions about this release.

Thanks, and reply if you need more answers.

I'll let the staff decide what to do with this entry.

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