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So a few friends and I discovered that all the song titles for the Xenoblade 2 OST are on the JASRAC database, even the localised titles. So we compiled them into a google spreadsheet.

The list we made includes all the information in both Japanese and English. Be mindful that the tracklist does contain spoilers.

Here is the link compiled list of song titles that we found on the website:

Note: There may be a few typos in the track names, however we copied this as it said on the JASRAC pages, so any typos are from the source itself.

I originally posted this to the Xenoblade subreddit. There more details on that post here:

It's quite surprising who composed certain tracks. Uraya's theme is Kenji Hiramatsu's work for example. I completely expected Uraya's theme to be Kiyota's handiwork. Unfortunately, JASRAC didn't credit any of the arrangers, so Kiyota could've still possibly arranged Uraya night (unlikely though, considering Mariam Abounnasr's involvement with the OST).

In terms of the spread of tracks between composers....

Mitsuda - 30
ACE - 44
ACE & Mitsuda - 1
Hiramatsu - 31
Hiramatsu & Mitsuda - 1
Kiyota - 13

Kiyota went from doing the most in XC1 to the least in XC2. Sad!

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