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Default CDDB/freedb access to implemented

Here's the long-awaited feature that the majority of our users have voted for! It's a freedb server emulator which allows any application that understands the protocol to query our database and retrieve tracklists. And due to our translation system, we offer the ability to return album, artist and track titles in different languages.

Just point your application to one of these addresses: [Default language] [English] [Japanese] [Romaji]

If a specified language isn't found, it'll revert to the default language. Note that the freedb protocol finds CDs based on a combination of the total number of tracks and total playtime, so if the track times of a particular tracklist aren't correct, you may not get a match. This would be a good opportunity to fix missing or inaccurate info in our tracklists.

Finally, this feature was developed by our very own Zorbfish. The guy has pretty amazing coding chops so be sure to thank him for contributing them to VGMdb!
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