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Originally Posted by Metroid View Post
Pause / No Pause should be a problem, just watch out before splitting the Disc. The Disc ID feature would solve this problem. I tested using many cd's and most of them get the information, some related to Pause / No Pause issues need to be fixed before are reassembled, yes it works great for an initial version.
Can you explain a bit further by what you mean 'Pause / No Pause'?

Also just to add a bit more info:

As Blah said ja is in Shift-JIS. This is the most common/used encoding for Japanese by most programs. Unicode adoption is not yet widespread enough. en, ja-Ltn are UTF-8.

I had to do rely on some non-compliant (hackish trickery) behavior to even get this to work. I've only tested it fully with EAC and CDex. If you use a piece of software that doesn't work let me know where to obtain it and I'll try to get it working. If it's open source I'll have a better chance.

There may still be album records in the db that cause errors. Drop a bug report here and we can fix those.
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