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Default Submissions - Catalog Numbers - Poll - Format Standardization

Should we standardize on the format STEM-NUMBER~MULTIDISC for catalog number runs where it is apparent that the intent was to use a number similar to this format. This may override the formatting shown on the spine, album cover, and publisher website (e.g., LC####~# from Konami).

Discussion source:

This is an sort of an experiment. We may use these polls to help resolve some logjams, but I don't think we want to paint ourselves into any corners by requiring any specific action based on the poll result. I don't think we can be a pure democracy, and the opinions of the active contributors and more knowledgeable users should in some ways have more weight. So primarily, this is all to see where everyone stands.

I don't know if we have the "Who Voted" plugin installed, so it would be useful to me if everyone posted in the thread as they vote.
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