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Exclamation Heroes of Video Game Music - Kick Starts Dolby Mixes

Rik Ede has been working with video game composers for over 20 years, for much of that time he has been a Dolby Guru being a constant source of help and inspiration to all professionals working with that sometimes complex mixing delivery system.

Rik has recently decided to put together a compilation of brand new Dolby Mixes of music by a range of well known video game musicians. The compilation is called "Heroes of Video Game Music" and features the following composers:

Robin Beanland, Alexander Brandon, John Broomhall, Tracy Bush, Bob & Barn, Pedro Macedo Camacho, Stuart Duffield, Rik Ede, Matt Furniss, Tim Haywood, Mark Knight (aka TDK), Alastair Lindsay, Nathan McCree, Jason Page, Jamey Scott, Jeroen Tel (aka Maniacs Of Noise) and Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE).

These composers have worked on some of the most high profile games ever released including World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim, Gears of War, Tomb Raider, Wipe Out, Shadow Man, Unreal, Golden Eye, Grand Turismo, Forza 4, Mortal Kombat, Lemmings, Rainbow Islands, and Deus Ex.

You can read more about the project by following this link :

The project is currently in the kick starter phase, if you would like to help fund the project you can make a pledge at Kick Starter. If the project does not reach its funding goal, you won't be charged.

Thanks for reading.
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