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Originally Posted by eduhunter View Post
Hello! I listened to all your stuff and your music make me remeber of the good old days of the Dreamcast era, when Quake III and Unreal Tournament 99 were ported for the console with online support from the SegaNet [miss you seganet =/].

Funny enough, i still play UT99 today on private servers on PC and your music fit perfectly in online multiplayer. I made a test myself and i put the game music and sound effects on mute while put your music to play in some random match and guess what?

3 hours passed in a light speed lol | Thank you for make me remeber some good things of the Dreamcast era and keep it up!
haha that is the same thing that I do in modern video games for example in Battlefield Domination mode when I put on soundtrack from Quake 2 (Sonic Mayhem) I get much better K/D Ratio and much better experience overall. Games back in good old days done it right.

I think that music is even more important than graphics (they are impressive but they fade away within gameplay), we can immerse deeper in the virtual world and it also leaves a good memory and experience in our minds. I miss that kind of soundtracks from ยด90s like we had in Unreal Tournament, Quake, Carmageddon, C&C and so on.

Appropriate music is important in visual media, for example Battlefield 4 includes horrible and painful soundtrack like this one it is so annoying.
If you`re stuck in loading screen and you listen to this for 5 minutes ...auch.
But... Battlefield 2 had great music that hyped you for next match.

Music can touch us both on spiritual and physical level, for example your heart beat is being automatically synchronized with the beat therefore you are more awake and your reflexes in online deathmatch can improve.
That`s the feeling I miss in many new games.

Thx 4 review btw

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