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Default Name of the organ used in this music from a game?

Music is from Sentry Knight Conquest

Same music also played at the boss levels such as

I cannot find any public release or youtube videos that showcase only the music, thus the only way to hear it is in the actual game, not to click through the dialogue at the section that corresponds to 1:04-1:14 (which ccurs after you shot down the two skeletons and then grab the map when you first start the game)

So far by ear I have identified the following instruments:
Unknown string instruments (Probably some kind of mid range violin. They form the plucking base in the background)
Trumpet or French horn
Some kind of male choir (in the segment when the music intensifies)
Some kind of female choir (near the end of the intensification, where the trumpets started to play)
Bell (heard in short percussions. In the segment where the music intensifies, it is heard as these two notes repeating at intervals: BbA)
Timpani or other non snare drum type of drum (the percussion in the background)

However I am interested in the organ sounding thing that plays whenever the music intensifies (It is buried under the choir)

From my experience, it lacks the metallic timbre for it to be a baroque pipe organ or a cathedral organ. It also sound "too soft" to be a gothic organ

Any idea what organ (or more specifically, the name of the instrument, electronic or not) that produce that high pitched "ringing" like sound in the music?

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