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One thing we should always keep mind is that any information, from real name, birth date, alias, photo, sex, personal website, Hentai game credit, sound equipment, to even officially admitted info, can be a sensitive matter. I even saw one artist complaining on twitter about us covering some old stuff she hoped not to be discovered. Coverage vs. Privacy is such agenda that maybe the ultimate borderline can only be drawn by the artists themselves. If they say "no", yeah, it'd be no, as shown in the fact we've willingly listened to several requests from artists so far.

For gray matters, there is no absolute standard. Who can say detecting akiropito's real name isn't problematic at all, for instance? I do think it could potentially be, since I remember akiropito talked about one j-pop album on his closed blog and didn't specify which track his was since his real name was credited. It's best to be fully aware that what one think is white can look black for somebody.

Anyway, I'm fine with us having some hesitation from personal matters, but I don't think it can be done by an arbitrary standard.
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