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Originally Posted by Spirit_Chaser View Post
After some research I decided to go with Gundam 30th Anniversary Songs 145, 40th Anniversary Best Anime Mix I and II (I think it's a dj type arrange so I will just see which songs I like to most and look them up), Gundam Ending Selection, and Gundam Singles I, II, and III. I think that covers a good amount?
Hello friend!
You are interested in songs or instrumental music? Because those you wrote are song compilations.
If you are more song person than instrumental composition person, please don´t reed below.

I am now talking about instrumental music (music score) not songs.
I would say the best Gundam is Toshihiko Sahashi´s Gundam Seed & Gundam Seed Destiny & Yasuo Higuchi´s After War Gundam X.
There are also works by Akira Senju´s and Tanaka Kohei´s which have right least for me.
Yugo Kanno´s & Masaru Yokoyama´s last entries to franchise are also great.
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