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Quite nice topic

Originally Posted by HarukameiKasumo View Post

Our Jorney - Breath of Fire II
Wild World - Cat Stevens

It sounds like it all through the song, but for the best impression, i say start it at 0:42 until about 1:30.(I also hear a little of Bay Area form Mighty Final Fight in the CS song as well)
Either you are incredibly gifted regarding your musical hearing, or I don't get it? I don't see much similarity at all. Maybe very little regarding the melody, but apart from that, the songs differ in speed, chord progression and most of the melody.

Muscle Bomber - Lucky Colt

City - Captain Commando

This might be a bit of a stretch as the similarities aren't that obvious, but there's something oddly similar with Harden My Heart by Quarterflash and Slash Man from Mega Man 7. The beat is entirely different, but the melody, atmosphere, and overall theme are very similar. I heard the song on the radio today and noticed some odd similarities that simply made me think of Slash Man.
That could be due to the allegedly same composer Masaki Izutani (T Yomage).
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