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Originally Posted by Razakin View Post
Isn't that the line pro-kanno people throw around when this subject comes around? :P

And some of Kanno stuff do sound almost like plagiarism, but then who knows if she just got influenced by the music she was listening before composing or what.
Unconscious influence is much more common than one might think. The most important thing, to my mind, when judging whether something is plagiarism or not is whether the "substance" of one piece/song was used as the substance of another or not. If the composer rips off some relatively insignificant portion of a larger work (like the Shostakovich example I mentioned) and creates something completely different around it, then it's not a problem in my opinion.

As for Kanno, at least some of the accusations I've run into are pretty spurious. There may be some truth to others though. I know that anime composers work under tighter deadlines than video game composers (more like film composers in that way), so they have to write to temp tracks and such more often.

There's also the grey area of sampling, but I hold to what I said above. If it's used as the basis of something, rather than substituting for it, it's okay by me.
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