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So all video game music is plagiarized? Thanks you bastards... now I can't enjoy video game music anymore.

It makes me wonder how many compositions are around that no one has exposed. I consider the whole "inspiration" and "homage" words being thrown around to be bull.

Unless the composer actually states somewhere (they don't) that they remixed the song, then I consider it plagiarism. As with all plagiarists, they just hope they don't get caught.

What happened to Kenji Yamamoto was the right thing. I don't even like composers taking only a few remixed songs here and there out of their portfolio and not referencing the source.

I'm not sure if the composer(s) of God Hand states that all the music is remixed, but if not, then regardless of how notorious the Hawaii Five-O theme is (or other music) and having the license to use it, I still consider it no better than plagiarism if there's no source mentioned anywhere.

The only other notorious one that I know of is Rock Howard's theme being a rip of that Children song.

In short, remixes are okay if they clearly state somewhere (album would probably be best), but they don't.
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