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Default Episode #005: Chippastyle

Finally after a wait far too long, We're back with a new episode of VGMdb Game Music Podcast!

Audi is joined by OSV's Jayson Napolitano in order to bring you the latest in game music news and events, and we also focused our attention to the ever growing chiptune music community. Up and coming chiptune artist Wizwars shares his experience with composing music on the sound chips of yesterday and much more! To fit all the material since our break we had to extend the show by a few minutes, but that's just more to love!

Episode #005 Contents

* The biggest news since we been gone
* Chiptunes, the community, concerts and musicians
* Audi's trip to Blipfest and meeting EGG Music's Hally
* Interview: Wizwars
* Comiket 76 recap

youtube link:

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