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Default Ace Combat ZERO SPECIAL CHORUS TEAM (#7046)

I once saw a person introducing him/her as a member of Ace Combat 5 Chorus Team, talking about the recording session, and saying they were from an opera circle of a music college (and I was sure it's Toho College of Music, since all the members were former students of the college). It was apparently right, because Bel canto opera circle (Passione, presently) listed AC5 as their works. My question is if they really didn't participate in AC Zero, which otherwise could have been listed too, unless they just overlooked it.

I'd say this entry is a nice example of empty and worthless artist entries, since it contains no information that the album page can't provide. I've long assumed AC Zero Chorus Special Team would be a kind of variation of Ace Combat 5 Chorus Team and share at least some members, but which may not have been the case.

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