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I may not be telling you anything new, but it seems from the Iwata Asks interviews that he and Shiho Fuji did everything outside the cutscene music and Kondo's one piece. I haven't played the game yet or listened to the music though.

I'm eager to hear Pikmin 3, even though he's credited third of three. From YouTube video of the first two game days it seems very true to the Pikmin style, even if perhaps he didn't write those pieces. I think concluding he only did the main theme and ending music is a bit pessimistic though. If it's like Pikmin 2, there's probably a lot of music and three people could each do a fair bit. Definitely agreed with Guitarist500 that he needs to do more though. I wouldn't hold my breath for it because I don't know if we're that lucky, but I sure hope he does take the lead on the next big Zelda again. Nintendo Land has his fingerprints all over it though.
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