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The pertinent part from the Iwata Asks interview that _if mentioned is this:

Iwata: From your point of view, what was the challenge this time with regard to the music?

Wakai: The orchestra. It wasn't entirely new because of the Tokyo Software Development Department's experience with games like Super Mario Galaxy, but I think this was the first time for EAD in Kyoto to use an orchestra.

Iwata: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess did partially feature orchestral music, but that part was done by the Tokyo Software Development Department, too.

Wakai: So without any know-how, it was quite a challenge.

Iwata: Did you receive any advice from Tokyo Software Development Department?

Wakai: Yes. (Mahito) Yokota-san, who knows a lot about orchestral music, is there, one other staff member came on board, and we asked the Tokyo Software Development Department to be in charge of a number of music for cinematic scenes, as well as making arrangements related to recording the orchestra. In Kyoto, we focused on other music in the game.
The "other staff member" is probably Takeshi Hama, as I'm pretty sure Shiho Fujii is part of the Kyoto studio based on her other games (NSMB series, AC: City Folk, Wii Fit). Figuring out what internal departments people are a part of when there are collaborations and transfers is a pain, man.

So that's Koji Kondo writing the opening movie theme only, Yokota & Hama on cutscenes and orchestration, and Wakai & Fujii doing the other music. With maybe some overlap in the last two groups (Wakai says "a number" of cutscene music, not all of it).

EDIT: Whoops, read too much into "arrangements related to recording the orchestra." Thought he was referring to orchestration, but now that I'm actually reading every single word he's probably talking about booking/studios/etc.

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