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Or hey! Maybe even both.

I really hope that Mr. Wakai brings in a new level of creativity.
I just love his Highly progressive, Complex Orchestral writing in Star Fox 64!
And had lots of variety, as well! I have no issues with listening to the OST multiple times in a single day.
That just proves Hajime Wakai is ONE of Nintendo Best Orchestral Composers.
I think the use of a real Orchestra will definitely bring out the true emotion within the Music that MIDI will never be able to do.
But! ...Then again...using MIDI can offer the speed and tension needed for intense and dramatic situations in the Game.
I want the Music to progress along with the Game, too.
With looped tracks, you have to make sure to cram everything you wish to express into one loop.
To me, IMHO, I think that would sound too subdued or a bit stagnant!
If you allow the music to change as the game progresses, you can change the content of your expressions for each individual scene.
I also think that there should be a Good amount of length to the songs, as well.
I want fun, exciting, interesting Orchestral Music that tells a strong story.

What do you guys think?

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