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Oh! Don't get me wrong, Dissident, I'm all for "Old-School", as well.
Hell, majority of the Music on my Digital Player is MIDI produced Music.
But, MAAAN, well produced MIDI can sound absolutely AMAZING.
The best example I can give you is Basiscape. They fool me a lot with their Sound samples. LOL :P
I guess what I'm trying to say is I have nothing against MIDI at all.
But, I, however, have something against Symphonic. Simply put, it sounds waay to slow, boring and cinematic for my taste. And there is also a lack of unique-ness to it, just my two cents. No offense to Symphonic lovers out there... :P

Dissident, what I'm ultimately saying is this: If I have to choose between MIDI and Orchestral/Symphonic...I'd say I have to go with MIDI. Simply because of the Speed, Tension and the unique sounds that we all know and love about Video Game Music.
Also note, I am not trying to say that EVERY single song should be fast. Sometimes slow and small ensemble songs can be great! (Just listen to Aquas and Zoness from Star Fox 64 OST)

Sorry for blabbering on and on, Dissident. LOL :P I really hope you understand what I'm saying here.
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