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Why do we miss things like this? While it's far from definitive proof, it certainly helps make the case for Wakai's involvement on Zelda U:
Originally Posted by Iwata Asks
Mizuta: For about the first one year and a half, composer (Hajime) Wakai-san and I prepared instrumentation and made a general sound base.

Iwata: I plan to have Wakai-san participate next time. He worked on pulling together the overall sound for this game.

If you read on a bit, another interesting piece of information emerges: Wakai and Masato Mizuta (sound effects) had always intended to handle the majority of the game's sound themselves. But after that first year and a half, they realized it was too much to do on their own, so they asked Kondo to hire more staff.

At the same time, as I continue to research Skyward Sword's music (from what little there is in the way of factual evidence), the less music Wakai seems to have done himself. I always wondered why, if he had worked on the game for 3 years altogether, he would have done so little composition. The answer seems to be implied in Mizuta's response: they were busy with synthesizer programming and music planning. Surely Wakai had already been fooling around with reversing Zelda's Theme during that time, and had been composing. However, it could be that he either didn't start the majority of his composing role till after his work with Mizuta had concluded, or finished his contributions and then spent the latter part of the game's development directing, mixing, and doing whatever else with the other three composers' music.

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