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Originally Posted by Jormungand View Post
I might well be mistaken on this and I hope not to come across as dismissive in making the observation, but I'm wondering if Iwata's comment there was to indicate that he planned to have Wakai participate in the next Iwata Asks for Skyward Sword, rather than necessarily on the next Zelda game. I consider this possibility only in light of Wakai's appearance in volume 6 of that series of interviews--the one following the volume posted, which could represent the "next time" Iwata talks about--and because Iwata's comment seemed to be made in the Q&A at a point during which the context for a discussion on sound design was being set, before discussions on finer points got underway. This inspired a thought in me that Iwata intended to set as context in volume 5's talk of sound design--a talk that lacked Wakai's input, despite his prominent role in that area--that he would invite Wakai's participation in the next volume (volume 6) in order to achieve insights that his absence on volume 5 could possibly preclude. Or something like that.

But I could well be wrong, and I kind of just wanted to bring the point up just in case. So I still think Iwata's snippet was a good thing to highlight and it remains a case for his involvement in Zelda U.

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