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Originally Posted by Kidd Cabbage View Post
Not that I'm Quintin, but from what I know, that doesn't really seem like what he wants this site to be about.
I don't want you to get the wrong impression of my suggestion. The idea wasn't based around Quintin's ultimate decision, but rather the reviews of the voters, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is something that this site is supposed to be about (users sharing, listening, and giving feedback to aspiring video game music composers). The only reason that I suggested that he have the final say is because he is the moderator and a presumably unbiased judge, and really, he wouldn't be judging anything but the arguments given by those that review. However, I respect that you would rather not be in that position, Quintin. There aren't any doubts that communal vote results can be untrustworthy, and finding ways to tackle the problems therein is very tricky.

Anyway, regardless of it weighing in on who wins or not, I still think that voters should be prompted to write short reviews for both legitimacy and for constructive purposes. I know I would much rather not place and be told what I can do to improve for next time than place and wonder what I did right or wrong in the eyes of the listeners.

And cool--having the toplist as an option is very handy.

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