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these arent 'decisions', these are non-issues within your site. i hope it doesnt come off as sounding retaliatory towards you or your site, but you never implemented any staff, you never properly implemented any or many of the changes that much of the community suggested to you, and you never worked outside of these communities to build a unique userbase.

how are you going to address stuff like people abusing the rating system, or giving shitty criticism when you never even got to that point? your site has many more important feature functionality issues to address and change in order to simply bring a userbase to your site before you need to worry about stuff like that.

personally, i think your problem first and foremost is that you are far too technical and proper and you dont exhibit or maybe dont firstly have the technical skills to support the ideas you have, you can explain them but you cant follow through with them. i have seen you say to people when they suggest something to you 'oh wait, its right here', when the function isnt actually there to be found easily, timely, or in the way that was explained to you. often it seems like you are missing the point in what people are trying to explain to you, and by not really paying close mind to that, improving/changing, and implementing it, you are wasting people's faith in you that you have the time/desire/wearwithall to work with the site and make it something truly special. almost all of these factors is why i cant help you anymore, but ultimately you wasted that with me by not giving proper attention overall to remixsite as well as addressing non-issues instead of addressing the site, such as the 'its time to get real' thread and how you dealt with it and threads like this. you are and have shown that you want the site to be a success for your own personal desires, and that is not really something many people are going to help you make a reality when you arent showing that you want to be truly understanding and listen to people's communication with you. sorry man, but its gotta be said.
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