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I think that musicals based on Anime or Games are of interest to their fans, and should be included. I did add a ton of albums related to the Neoromance games, and some of those albums probably cover live shows. This extends to DVDs with musical content, but I don't think we'd want to start including anime DVDs at all. The Sakura Taisen musical DVDs are borderline, but I can see an argument for including them.

On to categories, I think that in order to truly cover anime, we're going to have to split up the Video/Anime category so that albums like this aren't presented to anime fans under the same classification as anime music.

So, in that regard, we may need it to split out a Film/TV Live Action and a Stage Live Action.

After we've got out categories squared away, we still definitely revisit album coloration, and figure out some adjustments.
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