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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Isn't an "image album" basically a prototype used for storyboarding? Maybe it's not a prototype of individual tracks as such, but it is a prototype of style, tone, and the composer's capabilities.
I'm not sure about this. Several image albums from Studio Ghibli like what seanne introduced are, yeah, basically prototypes as the official site states.
イメージアルバムとは、音楽の発注を受ける際、宮崎監督が久石譲に作品の内容を伝える為に渡す、詩、散文な どをもとに、久石譲が作り出すデモテープ的音楽をCD化したもの。

However, if an image album is created after the release of the game, it's hard to call it a prototype. Most tracks of The Entrance Ogre Battle Image Album weren't used in the game because the game was already released, but the composers still made them for the world and characters of the game, so "Prototype" doesn't fit this case. "Unused" can apply, but I think those tracks are, the likes of a commercial song or a character song that isn't used in the game or anime, so my preferred way is to group them together under "Image". Those Studio Ghibli albums can be classified as Prototypes, despite their names.
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