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This probably deserves a separate thread, but can we somehow differentiate from sourceable credits (inserts, game credits, books, etc) and "unreliably" sourceable credits (twitter replies, facebook, linked-in, assumptions based on composition/sound, etc)?

I apologize if this is something already discussed somewhere (I don't keep up with every thread), but this artist separation could delve further into the assumption area with non-sourceable stuff. I wholeheartedly support the community and the dedication everyone here spends trying to find and uncover this information but ultimately I think it needs to be separated and delineated. Some memorable examples I can bring up are the Sonic thread and Breath of Fire I/II threads. A good composer/group example is falcom sound team jdk. Yeah, it's cool that I just realized Tenmon participated in the Zwei!! soundtrack, and makes sense that I like his scores, but ultimately the actual product just says "falcom sound team jdk".

*shrug* Probably too big an ambition to develop but I think there's some merit in exploring it.
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