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Default Easy way to make tracklists for VGMdb submissions (from your own ripped music albums)

You just need (completely free) software MP3tag which you can download from official page:

I've written this using version 2.48b of the program, however it should be good for later versions as well.

Application works with a number of files and not just MP3 (FLAC, M4A etc.)..... Unicode characters are supported, so no trouble with Japanese for instance.

Assuming you have correct track names and you've put an album in its own folder, start MP3tag and choose from the main menu bar "File -> Add directory" and find your folder of interest. Tracks should be now imported.

Make sure you have the tracks sorted by their CD/other media order aka by "Track" column, as shown:

Next, choose "Edit -> Select all files" from the menu bar and all tracks should become highlighted.

Then do "File -> Export" and a new small window appears: you'll see some icons in the upper right corner, choose first one (with the star, that's New export configuration file),

enter some meaningful name and a new window opens in Notepad, delete everything inside and paste this, exactly (once you create the profile you don't have to do it again):

$filename(txt,utf-8)$loop(%_path%)%track% %title% %_length%

so you end up with:

then hit "File -> Save" from the Notepad menu and close the Notepad window (you know, the X in the upper right corner).
Back to small Export window highlight your newly created profile and hit OK. Application will ask to show what it has just exported,

accept it and a new Notepad window should open with the tracklist you can easily copy & paste for your VGMdb submission.

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