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Originally Posted by zzeroparticle View Post
On Hamaguchi:
Unfortunately, that was the takeaway that I got from listening to Hanasaku Iroha: nice, enjoyable, pretty music that makes up my top 10 OSTs list from 2011. In fact, in looking at a list I cobbled together, it'd be my 9th favorite OST from 2011, sandwiched between Guilty Crown and Nichijou.

That said, most of the issue I had with it was the the themes just weren't as compelling and memorable as some of the others I ranked more highly; stuff like Yumekui Merry was really solid and it definitely made a stamp upon me with the dissonance is uses to sculpt the nightmare-ish world. And then there's Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, which was absolutely charming and memorable in the way the music just washes over you relaxingly. Finally, the music for Chihayafuru, Hunter x Hunter, Last Exile, and Dantalian no Shoka just made a huge impression on me. Chihayafuru especially was memorable with that sweepingly beautiful main theme.

So yeah, all of that... that's just how my opinion falls. If nothing else, hopefully you'll at least know where I'm sort of coming from.
I very much agree with Chihayafuru, which came as quite a surprise for me, since I never really liked Yamashita's work on Nobunaga's Ambition. It also made me check out the album for Ozma, which I'm also very much enjoying. No love for his Digimon compositions, but that's probably due to the intended audience of the series.

Sadly that's pretty much it: Everything else you listed in the your post didn't strike me as particularly memorable -- especially for Ikoku Meiro no Croisee I felt like I was listening to elevator music, which just poured right through me (with nothing really sticking).

I haven't listened to Nichijou yet, so if you're ranking Hanasaku together with it... maybe I should give it a listen

Anyway, these commented overviews are bound to polarize, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Keep up the good work on Anime Instrumentality!

EDIT: I mostly start to watch shows based on the music/composer, so these overviews are really helping me to decide.

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