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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
I think we'd benefit from roles like "Music" or "Artist".
Maybe roles could be realized as having (more) different levels of specificness? So then if/as long the specific nature of an involvement is not known we could fall back to the next higher thus less specific level. Besides a couple top levels the resulting hierarchy then ought to be freely expandable based on actual credits given.

Re: Synth programming (as in creating specific sounds) to me is closer to performance than programming. Performance is the act of realizing something that isn't there otherwise, live performing musicians give depth to music through their individualistic (more or less emotional) playing styles. Music put together from ready-made sounds and instruments can comparatively sound lifeless, well done synth programming can offset this (though in many cases I'd actually put it closer to the way "arranger" is currently used, e.g. in the cases of sequenced music which involves sound design and working with channel scarcity).
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