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Default AMG-7043: Ebiten Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu Character Song Album...

May I request these 5 additional tracks be included into the track list.

11 Nebula 4:56
12 わたしはだぁれ?~Original mix~ 3:22
13 ビバビバ天悶部~KYOKO mix~ 3:17
14 ビバビバ天悶部~KANAMORI mix~ 3:17
15 ビバビバ天悶部~HIROMATSU mix~ 3:18

It would seem they were bonus tracks that wasn't indicated on the sources when I did the entry. Seen HERE

To note:
According to the JP Wiki page this album also has BGM selection tracks. Seen HERE
However, on the iTunes page the tracks aren't shown.

It's similar to the entry I made last year which can be viewed here:

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