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Originally Posted by Nisto View Post
Well, look at that! I recognized more than one sample from Tekken 3 in there. Can you list which ones you found so I'm not missing something? Anyway, thanks for reporting, kokujin. Guess I should be checking out some more Masterbits libraries.

I found the first percussion loop from DKC2 Bayou Boogie in Masterbits: Sampling Collection 600 (track 49). Apparently they took samples from Korg T1, Kawai K4, Ensoniq VFX SD, EMU Proteus XR, Prophet VS, Oberheim Xpander and ROLAND CR78 for that library, so I guess David Wise took it from one of these..
This is all I could recognize in "GUITARS".

Tekken 3 Arcade
  • "Track 4" (Sample 5) from "Masterbits: Climax 3 - GUITARS" was used in 16 "Ogre"

Killer Instinct
  • "Track 20" (Sample 2) from "Masterbits: Climax 3 - GUITARS" was used in 09 "Yo Check This Out!"
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