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Default CDjapan/Fedex getting more expensive each year?

I took quite a long break from importing anime CDs due to me not thinking about regular expenses before buying.

Now that I'm back I've noticed that it seems importing from my favorite site is noticeable more expensive than I remember. Just trying to import 2 regular CDs seems to cost close to 90 bucks when it used to only be a little above 70 when I bought stuff before. That might not seem like much but when you are a frequent buyer obviously that adds up. Sure it's nice that Fedex can reliably get you your CDs the day of or sometimes before the release date but unfortunately the raising of shipping costs is kind of driving me away from them. I'm going to try out EMS for a while since they are the next best thing. Everything else is kind of sketchy looking lol.

Note: I noticed that for some reason certain CDs caused Fedex to charge roughly 10 more dollars than EMS but others only 3. I can't tell why this as they are from this months lineup but I'll see if it's because of a specific company in the future.
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