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Default ANZX-14264: Fate/EXTRA Last Encore ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CD 1

I'm 100% sure MONACA's website listed music by Kosaki, Hoashi, Takada, and Ishihama about a month ago (I checked right after it aired).

Strangely, that sentence has been removed. Not the first time Kosaki wrongly takes all the credit...

Edit: I added them as arrangers for now. The site looked something like this when I saw it:
TVアニメ『Fate/EXTRA Last Encore』
音楽を神前 暁が担当しました。

OP主題歌「Bright Burning Shout」
作曲・編曲:神前 暁

劇伴 神前暁・高田龍一・帆足圭吾・石濱翔
It could have been a mistake, but there's some brass and strings writing in the show (which Kosaki doesn't do on his own).

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