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The discussions this week were educational, and I was really pleased with the number of album reviews you managed to cram in there. Even with 4+ reviews, it seems like I got a decent grasp of each one. Akumu slipped in some sex jokes here and there which made me chuckle (always a fan of those).

Akumu's mic is much better now. It sounded like there were a few volume level anomalies near the beginning, but I didn't notice any problems as time went on. Nice work!

Criticism ahead (mixers: attention please):

Background music work this week is bad. All you have is Dr. Mario in the beginning. It's way too loud, loops for far too long, and cuts off abruptly. I hope your mixers can decently overlay some background music across the entire podcast. I did like how you ended the show with the track from Super Mario Galaxy though.

Reviews should have background music from the album you're reviewing. Keep the standalone music section of the review how you have it currently; i.e. time set aside purely for a few tracks of "featured" music from the album... but also take some extra, unfeatured music from the album to serve as background music during the review itself.
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