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Thumbs up Your favorite SCORES from ANIME SUMMER SSN 2016

Just to get little talk about anime scores. I will name some of my favorites this summer season. What´s your favorites music scores so far?

ALDERAMIN (Keiji Inai) - because of precise & detailed orchestration.

B-PROJECT (Masato Nakayama) - surprisingly nice groovy & modern scores with strings (anime is hard to watch - male idol thing) but BGM´s were great.

ANGE VIERGE (Takatsugu Wakabayashi) - Wakabayshi is rather new and good composer with good sense for action music.

REGALIA (Ryo Takahashi) - nothing special to say - orchestral, good action tracks, but remember this one from 1st episode.

91 DAYS (Shogo Kaida) - old fashioned score with italian influences ala Nino Rota.
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