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Originally Posted by Dag
So, why not alter the artist page? Ex.- in "featured on" only featured doujins (or doujin + deceased composers, etc), in "discography" all other albums but write "composer -> featured composer" or such. To me, how it is displayed is less important (=can be altered anytime) than the info "the album reuses music meant for other game/album, the composer didn't do anything here".
Yeah, I've also thought it would be a good idea to change 'Composer' into something that implies a less direct involvement, such as 'Arranged' or 'Reprise', but I'm not sure if it could be altered so easily since I think each update and change of VGMdb would require a great amount of workload and consideration. For this reason, I still think what's the best under the current system is to separate Doujin from Official instead of mixing them up until a future change, but I see why some people prefer otherwise.
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