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Hi Kidd,

Thanks for the report. I resolved this issue, and the changes will be available in the next release. You can read more about the bug if you want at

While I'm not going to refuse bug reports from any source, a more direct way of reporting bugs is to go to and input them there. Just create a free account with the same username as you have at remixSite. In the future, I'll integrate the systems so that bugs that are fixed in the Mantis system result in experience points for the same user at remixSite.

If you see any other bugs, please let me know!



Originally Posted by Kidd Cabbage View Post
Not sure where to post bugs, but you gotta fix the automated emailer. I just got this from ""admin"@remixsite.orgrnContent-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1rn":
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