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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
So every time a composer gives some music to an associate or a friend, that qualifies as a release? That seems too loose to me. I don't know any composers personally, but it wouldn't surprise me if they gave music out all the time. On top of that, every time a composer sends some sample tracks to a game producer to evaluate (or whatever the process is, Carl probably knows about this), there's an implicit release of music. This could add up to dozens of album entries per game. Also, every crossfade demo on an h-game website could be a release with its own album page.
To have an entry in the album database, the material should be formatted as (or similar to) an album in the first place, plus there should be a certain volume of distribution. I thought that much was obvious, I'm not proposing a complete dismantling of the guidelines here.
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