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Yep, Nakabayashi worked on Dunk Shot, although to be 100% accurate we don't know that he did all its music, just that it's something he worked on.

Originally Posted by drdevilfx View Post
As for Alien Syndrome, I'm not entirely sure how we know Nakabayashi did the music for that game, but I've seen lots of site pages that say he did its music. Maybe someone found out from a Sega staff member?
This is... a good question, hmm. No composer is mentioned in this album for Alien Syndrome (and some other games too). I did a quick skim of the liner notes of other albums in Nakabayashi's discography and couldn't find any mentions of Alien Syndrome, and Yosuke Okunari doesn't seem to have ever mentioned a composer on Twitter either. I have no idea where this came from!

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