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Fukasawa's ominous atmospheric soundtrack for Aku no Hana was all ambient/electronic with some light piano here and there. He said before it aired that he had to create unusual music for this unusual anime... and it certainly was unusual.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Sawano) didn't have much music during the first episode, at least until the end. Lots of chorus and percussion going on in those last 5 minutes of the show. It's definitely Sawano and we'll certainly be getting more orchestral music when the action starts. And, of course, he recorded a vocal theme with Mika Kobayashi as usual.

Last, but not least, Majestic Prince has some great orchestral music. It's Toshiyuki Watanabe doing what he does best: scoring a sci-fi/action series. Will be one of the best soundtracks this season for sure and it's 2-cour so expect a good amount of music.
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