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Default VICL-60248: COWBOY BEBOP: Vitaminless

Title: Added the original title from the spine.

Notes: The format from the booklet was a mess. I changed this so that it is now easier to read.

The back is crediting the Seatbelts for M-01 and M-05. It's not clear what this is exactly for, so I just put "Performance" until can somebody can find a better term.

Covers: The "Booklet Front & Back" is showing the bootleg catalog of A8-1096. Can somebody delete this please and upload it to the correct entry?

Tracklist: The back is only listing 7 tracks. At the bottom of the interior booklet under "Seatbelts", an eigth track is credited as "Black Coffee". This is a bonus track, but I don't know if it should or should not be on the tracklist that the DB has. I left it as it is.
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