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Default [2013.05.19] "Arc Fes" 25th Anniversary BlazBlue / Guilty Gear Concert

WTF, how did I miss this from earlier this year. So first thing's first: was this or will this be released on DVD and/or BluRay? 2013 is nearly over so chances are not looking good.

While I haven't watched in full yet (where'd the "pirate" copy come from anyway? It looks suspiciously professional/official), I did see bits of it and there were a fair bit of slightly out-of-tune playing. When I looked at the track list, my eyes immediately lit up at the sight of the words "Plastic Night". Unfortunately, 'twas a few tune-outage here and there and my favourite part of the song (section beginning at 3:20 on the recorded version) sounded a bit screwed up. If screwed up is too harsh, then passable. Passable because it could have been so much better. Disappointing, that's the part of the song I look forward to every time I listen to it goddamnit.

Having said that, flaws and all, as a game concert DVD/BR collector, I must buy it (if it exists or will exist). For me, the main attraction of game concerts is to witness the metamorphosis of music from the aural aspect to a more corporeal form. e.g.1: Fuck yeah Motoi! You keep pounding that keyboard with your fists! (Track 09 Theme of RENA ~ Drum Solo ~ Bass Solo ~). e.g.2: Fuck yeah Michio! You play that guitar by reaching over your back and without looking it! (Forgot which track and concert).

Anyway, DVD, when?
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